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From Back Pain to Unbreakable: How a Busy Mom Rebuilt Trust in Her Body

Have you ever an injury or weakness that kept you feeling kind of fragile in your body?

Maybe it's gone on long enough that the nagging pain or tension just feels like a part of your life you need to accept.

That was Ulya. When she came to us she'd been struggling with back pain for five years.

As a new mom she was afraid she might never be able to do the normal daily things, like picking up and carrying her daughter without hurting.

Being yoga teacher, wife and mom, her life asked a lot from her. She wanted a body that she could count on to be strong when life demanded a lot.

She tried everything you can think of to get rid of her back pack:

  • Yoga and daily stretching
  • Osteopath and chiropractic visits
  • Physical therapy and corrective stretching
  • She even tried Reiki healing

“It took me half an hour just to get out of bed and be able to function because of the back pain. My daughter was getting heavier, but I wasn’t getting stronger.”

Despite her best efforts, nothing seemed to provide lasting relief.

When she found our intensive coaching program, Embodied Strength, it was her last hope.

A big missing piece from other methods she had tried was not getting coaching and feedback that was tailored to her body, and what she needed to fix her weak links.

"You’re so stuck in your own pain cycle that you just need someone from the outside to tell you what to do."

How Embodied Strength made Ulya unbreakable

Most programs focus on quotas of sets and reps and no-pain,no-gain mindset. It's a recipe that often leads to building more muscle on top of a compromised foundation.

By assessing Ulya's strengths and weaknesses, we were able to quickly identify the key areas she needed to make improvements in.

For her it came down to a few important projects:

  • Getting her deep, inner core to give her back the stabilization it needed. This meant getting the transverse abdominis to show up to work and do its job, so her hips weren't taking on all the load.
  • Establishing lower body strength that didn't put excess stress on her knees. One of the key missing pieces we often prescribe our clients is single leg training, which helps improve balance, coordination, strength and correct imbalances all at once.
  • Her spine was also pretty locked up from modern life, so getting her spine and pelvis to articulate fully went a long way to taking the stress off her lower back.
  • One of the last big blind spots for Ulya was getting up and down and moving on the ground comfortably. By incorporating more developmental movements, in a slow, mindful way, she learned to develop more control, balance and coordination.

But none of these things would have mattered if she didn't find a way to fit her training into her lifestyle.

“I was afraid that the movements would be too difficult and that I couldn’t do them. But you guys made it easy to show up. With Embodied Strength it was a lot easier to build into my daily routine. I could split it up more easily and get it done throughout the day"

Being a mom of a young child is a fulltime job. She didn't have the luxury of an hour of dedicated, uninterrupted training.

Because our coaching is online and can be done anywhere, she was able to customize her training to fit in with her lifestyle. By creating a flexible training plan and more movement with her daughter, we were able to get her doing the training consistently enough to produce results.

Knowing why she was training kept her motivated

Not only did Ulya want to be strong for her daughter, to be able to pick her up and play with her without fear, but she was deeply motivated by her work as a women's prenatal yoga teacher.

Her work needed her to be at her best to show up for her clients.

One of the big surprises clients often find with us is the importance we place on mindset work.

Continually celebrating her wins, being surrounded by a positive culture of other students with shared goals, and reminding herself of why she was doing her training kept her focused and consistent.

“It’s good to have someone look at you from the outside, someone that doesn’t know you and comes from a different background.”

The big surprise for Ulya

Not only was Ulya able to overcome her back pain for good, but she also nearly completely eliminated knee pain from a previous injury, something she never even anticipated could go away from the program.

One of the biggest keys for her was focusing on not just getting out of pain, but building fun, rewarding skills and learning how to use her body creatively even in daily, practical tasks.

By focusing on the foundations in Embodied Strength, getting accountability and feedback, Ulya was able to regain confidence in her body, get out of pain and build an unbreakable body.

She worked hard, overcame obstacles and showed up consistently. Most importantly, she never gave up when people told her she just had to "deal with it."

"I thought about all the things that I’ve tried and it still seemed worth it and worth a shot. I didn’t want to give up and die being in pain. I’d do it again in a heartbeat."


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