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The results you're about to see are from extraordinary humans dedicated to reclaiming their mobility and strength.

They are NOT typical.

Whatever it is you want to achieve with your body, it will require dedicated, consistency and focused effort. If you're not committed to longterm success, this is not for you.

“I’ve always struggled with standardized gym routines and fell out of them quickly due to boredom. The training gave me a whole new confidence in myself and what my body was capable of. I realized that things I thought would take months to achieve would only take weeks. I learned how to be curious and playful, yet mindful and calm. At the end of each day, I was always so grateful for the training and walked away a better man. Thank you for everything – I will carry the lessons I learned with me every day.”


"I can now push my boundaries in a safe way"

At the end of our 3 months together, I am consistently dropping down into both my left and right splits, and am finally able to fully extend my arms in a backbend!

Mobility training has taught me to listen to my body and respond to what it needs, which allows me to push the boundaries of my abilities in a safe way. Instead of just doing what I’m told in a class, I am now more in tune with how my body moves organically, which has helped me become a better dancer too.


“I no longer start the day walking like some Frankenstein monster unable to bend my joints. General movement is all easier, and that feels good. The great thing about these exercises is that they’re not based on pushing the body and muscles until they cry, it is more a conversation you have gently getting to know each other again."

—Ishbel Macdonald


"I have seen great improvements in my mobility, flexibility, but most of all my ability to control my movements. I feel the extra attention to awareness has enabled me to really slow down and feel confident in each movement and allows me to fully be present.

I am not only feeling the calmness and focus from the mindfulness aspects of these exercises but also am noticing the increasing neural mapping of the movements and how over time I am slowly able to make more precise adjustments. It really is an amazing feeling!"


Why our clients stand apart


We know that it's not easy. That's why we ask for full commitment. Like this is the body you're going to live in for the rest of your life.

Smart Programming

Though we're all a lot alike, everyone has unique challenges and needs tailored feedback to help them break through.

World-Class Support

We don't stop until our clients get the results they are after. Period.

Ready to be the next person to break through?

Embodied Strength is an invite-only coaching program. To be accepted you must complete an assessment call with us.

In this free 45 minute call, we will:

  1. Identify exactly what's been holding you back from your strongest body possible.
  2. Get clarity on the strategies you most need to make massive progress.
  3. Map out the process you need to reach your goals.
  4. Finally, we'll see if you're a good fit for us working together to build a strong, pain-free, body capable of anything.

Want to be the next success story?