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About Jonathan

Hey, I’m Jonathan. Nice to meet you.

I’m going to refrain from writing in third person pretending someone other than me wrote this bio. Hope that’s okay with you. 🙂

Since I was a young kid I've been obsessed with exploring my own physical potential. I would marvel at the physiques and raw strength of the Viking like heroes of World’s Strongest Men competitions, trying to mimic their movements. I’d spend hours trying to recreate the flow and artistic power of martial artists in the movies I watched.

But, somewhere along the way I “grew up” and stopped moving. I got sucked into getting serious (whatever that means) and bought into the myth that life is all about achieving rewards you could enjoy someday.

So I numbed out and worked from one office job to the next for years into adulthood. Because I was so disconnected and living in my head all the time, I didn’t even realize how bad things had gotten.

It wasn’t until meeting my Jeet Kune Do (a martial art developed by Bruce Lee) teacher in my early twenties that I realized what had been missing.

I became awakened to something that had been dampened but not extinguished inside me. Our training exposed me to barefoot running in the beautiful desert mountains of Southern California. We hung gymnastic rings from trees, sparred on mountain tops, foraged wild Walnuts and drank spring water from pristine streams.

It’s the kind of training you might see in a movie montage, but this was real life, and an incredible chapter that I will always cherish.

But there was one big problem with my overzealous enthusiasm. Because I had been sitting for years my body had become significantly jacked up. Muscle imbalances, bad posture, tension, chronic pain, you name it and I had it. Most days I felt like an old man trapped in a young person’s body.

The quest for physical achievement led my down many paths. I collected injuries and tried to “tough it out.” I tried to accomplish skills and feats of strength to impress people that I didn’t really care about anyway.

And after searching for many years I realized something very simple: I get to decide what fitness means to me.

Eventually I realized that I needed to relearn how to move, to develop the physical literacy necessary to understand how my body works, so I could demystify its clues and signals, often coming in the form of pain, tension and fatigue.

You see, most of us feel like aliens in the very homes we live in... not even realizing that we are unable to interpret and read the messages our bodies are sending us.

My process was one of relearning how to move and reconnect with my body. I’ve had the great fortune of learning from many teachers personally, like Dr. Andreo Spina, Ido Portal, and Rafe Kelley. I’ve taken countless seminars, certifications and have spent probably a years salary on books, courses and trainings. All of that has led me to realize the missing piece is that we need to develop a physical literacy and deep connection with how our bodies work.

These days I combine my experience and background in gymnastics strength, martial arts, natural movement and my study with some of the top movement teachers in the world to help others reclaim their own movement potential.

It’s my mission, my passion, and my gift to help people that don’t fit into the mainstream fitness mold reclaim their true strength. I love learning and figuring out what works, so I can make the process easier for you.

If you’d like to say hi, you can follow my adventures on Instagram at @jonathanmead.