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The Real Reason Your Back Hurts and Hips Are Still Tight

There’s a big myth out there that to get more flexible and mobile you just need to stretch more. Your hips are tight, so you hold long, boring lunge positions. Your shoulders are tight, so you decide to wake up and go to sleep in a downward dog. But what if your hips and shoulders…

Movement Patterns and Muscular Activation: The Missing Link to Performance and Longevity PART 1

It is absolutely crazy to me. It is the pink elephant in the room. Yet still, hardly anyone sees it. Fewer people talk about it. And even fewer people do something about it. Here’s the deal. You want to get fit. Get in shape. Feel and actually be healthy. Good for you. Seriously. Some people…

Get Outside Like Your Life Depends on it

Winter has been here for a while now. The days are still short. It is often cold and wet. Maybe it is even snowing where you live. It is an easy time of year to start getting sad and missing the sun. Maybe you find yourself reminiscing about the amazing summer adventures you had, or…

The Truth About “Bulletproofing” Your Body and Injury-Prevention

The internet is filled with no shortage of hype and mythical-sounding claims. “Bulletproof your knees!” “Achieve your limitless strength” What do these even mean anyway? Bulletproofing, unbreakable, unstoppable, these words are thrown around so nonchalantly that you wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes. So far I haven’t met a client who tried to…

What does it mean to be Human?

To be honest, I am just feeling this question right now. I don’t know where it’s going to take me. I don’t have any lessons for you planned out here. If you read my other posts I am sure you know I usually talk a lot about movement because… well, that is what I do.…

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Our clients are not typical humans and neither are their results. They committed beyond their fear, showed up coachable and moved past their challenges to reclaim their strength and resiliency.