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Before you book your call, let's make sure this is right for you

Whether you decide to work with us or not, you will end this free call with clarity on three things:

  1. The exact strategies you need to move beyond pain and tension, move better, and reclaim your body.
  2. What your biggest blindspots and limitations are that have been keeping you from the results you want (potentially for years or decades).
  3. Clarity on the specific areas of your body you need to work on to unlock your physical freedom.

Lastly, our time and yours is valuable (we are a small team of two passionate coaches) so please only book a call if you're ready to make a big change in your body now.


A Couple of Things to Keep in Mind

Because these spots are limited, please make sure you can show up at the time you schedule to respect everyone's time.

Neither our results nor our clients are typical. They worked hard, overcome challenges and perservered to achieve their results. Your results or lack thereof are up to you.


How a Busy Doctor Reclaimed Her Body

At the end of our 3 months together, I am consistently dropping down into both my left and right splits, and am finally able to fully extend my arms in a backbend!

Mobility training has taught me to listen to my body and respond to what it needs, which allows me to push the boundaries of my abilities in a safe way. Instead of just doing what I’m told in a class, I am now more in tune with how my body moves organically, which has helped me become a better dancer too.


"The training gave me a whole new confidence in myself and what my body was capable of. I realized that things I thought would take months to achieve would only take weeks."

When Coen came to us he was feeling frustrated with inconsistent results from his training. He tried to keep doing group training, but it didn’t work for him and was struggling with back spasms. He was feeling a lot older than he should at 29.

By focusing on upgrading his motor maps, he started moving with more skill and ease than ever. And his back pain is now gone.


—Coen Vasquez

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.39.42 PM

—Conni Biesalski

"I did yoga for years and was still struggling, wondering what secret I was missing."

Conni used to force herself into positions she wasn't ready for without proper instruction. She took yoga and fitness classes for years, never making progress in the down dog, squat, or pancake and only continued to injure herself.

It wasn't until she started learning how to properly engage her muscles in the right sequence and fix her weak, amnesic core that she unlocked more flexibility in 12 weeks than she did in 5 years.


"I've gained more in the small amount of time we've worked together than in four years."

When Will started working with us he was following the typical training advice from high school: lift heavy and do some cardio. But back pain and continual injuries were keeping him from the things he loved, playing baseball and showing up for his family.

By starting to train for who he wanted to be: strong mobile and resilient, he got rid of his back pain, fixed his posture and mastered his mobility. He’s now focused on the long-term, training to work, play and go on adventures without worrying about his body breaking down.

Here's what he says now:

"I could never drop down into a squat for years. I always picked things up wrong. Now I feel stronger and more badass than ever before. "


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.03.18 PM

—Will Harding


-Alessia Maggi

"I’ve discovered serenity and peace of mind with my body. I’m experiencing greater confidence in my ability to know what my body needs and am building consistent movement habits.

I’m now able to hold a deep squat for the first time ever and have built a consistent movement practice. Both achievements are helping me renovate my future home: I can now lift and carry with good posture and without fear.”


What other clients are saying about Embodied Strength

“I Iove the program! It has already changed my entire teaching style.

There were a few things I always wanted to integrate, I just never felt ready. Now I am, and teaching is more fun than ever! The women left my class today with a big smile feeling really good about themselves. I couldn’t be more proud!”

“For the first time my arms feel like they are getting strong too.

And they feel and look a lot more toned… which is really cool, because until now I've never had that at any point in my life.”

“The time flies and I'm very proud of what I have accomplished!

My body awareness and strength are constantly improving. I can't wait for all these new exercises each week into the program.”

“It's beyond words how grateful I am for this incredible journey.

All the knowledge I received, and the health I have gained. My students also love the new movements in my yoga classes (which was a huge bonus I didn’t expect!) I have already found so much more strength in my whole body. I can feel a dramatic difference in my yoga practice. I'm surprised how much I enjoy this program and even get up earlier to sneak my training in before work.”

“I found a better sense of how to really engage my TVA and hip flexors.

In fact, I feel a greater ability to activate the muscles throughout my entire body. Especially in squatting positions. And I've noticed some HUGE improvements in my squats ever since! Even as someone who has instructed yoga for years, getting into my body and moving consciously on this level helped more than I could have ever imagined!”

 “I love how quickly I been able to level up and change in this program!

I'm obsessed with transformation. I am feeling so freaking grateful.😍” 

"I have truly fallen in love with working out and exploring my body in my time so far in this program.

It's become my #1 priority. I even wake up earlier now to start my day with some of the movement and breathing techniques I have learned."

“I’ve always really struggled over what is working and what isn't.

When it came to my health and how to get in shape I was always left confused. Thank you to both Jonathan and James, I can confidently say I know I am on the right track.”

Limited Spaces Available

We only work with a small number of people at a time to keep the quality of support high.

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